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Frequently Asked Questions

Table of Contents

  1. Usage: How UAppoint works
  2. Security: Privacy, encryption, firewalls, and HIPAA
  3. Pricing: What it costs
  4. Scheduling: Questions on web scheduling
  5. Why UAppoint: Compare UAppoint to other online services


How does UAppoint make my practice more profitable?

UAppoint improves your profitability in several ways. The various time and cost savings are detailed on the Benefits of Service page.

Will I have to hire additional staff to operate the service?

No. On the contrary, UAppoint will save your staff a significant amount of time! The purpose of the service is to intelligently handle mundane tasks such as sending out confirmation and recall notices in accordance with your practice's existing policies. UAppoint works quietly in the background, and doesn't require your staff to change their daily practices in any way.

Do I need to have my own website?

No. Though you can easily integrate UAppoint into an existing website, the service runs independently of a web site. Our staff uses sophisticated monitoring technology to ensure that the UAppoint servers are always up and running smoothly.

Does UAppoint update the information stored in my practice management software?

No. Though UAppoint reads information from the practice management software database, it never writes information. Any changes to the PMS data must be made by you or your staff. This ensures your practice data will never be corrupted by UAppoint, and that you will always retain full control of your schedule.

Does the UAppoint software maintain a permanent connection to the Internet?

No. The UAppoint Liaison software works just like a web browser, connecting to the UAppoint server over the Internet only when necessary. When it does connect, UAppoint sends over the minimal amount of data possible. The vast majority of users will never notice any negative impact on their bandwidth.

What do you do for patients who do not have email?

For an additional fee, we can send postal mail reminders to patients without email addresses. Be sure to mention this when you sign up for UAppoint, or feel free to contact us for more details.

I haven't been collecting patient emails. Can I still use UAppoint?

Certainly. You can start using UAppoint immediately by collecting a patient's email addresses at the same time you schedule an appointment. Your patients will be delighted to give you their addresses when they hear you will be sending them electronic reminders over email. We also suggest that you add a line for email address in the health history form, and have patients update their medical/dental information semi-annually.

What happens if I discontinue service—will all my data be lost?

No. All of your patient data resides in your practice management software. As such, you have an up-to-date version of all your data at any given point.

Can I subscribe to UAppoint and telephone service as well?

Yes. Some dental practices have been subscribing to telephone reminder services and now want to upgrade to email reminders and confirmations. There is no conflict.

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How does UAppoint ensure the complete security of my data?

Security is our #1 priority in designing the features and functionality of UAppoint. We work very hard to ensure that UAppoint is fully HIPAA-compliant. Our efforts include the following:

  • Completely encrypted data transmissions. Any data sent from your practice computer or your patients' computer to the UAppoint server is completely encrypted end-to-end. UAppoint relies only on well-established technologies, like 128-bit SSL encryption, that are used by major medical service providers and financial institutions.
  • Expert network security architecture. UAppoint works with the top network security architects in the country to ensure the server itself is highly secure. We lock down our servers as tightly as possible with secure infrastructure, including firewalls and multi-tier application authentication.
  • Physical server security. Finally, we ensure that our servers are subject to a significant amount of physical security. Access to data centers is restricted by two-factor authentication including Biometric hand scanners. Our data centers are physically isolated from everyone but level-three technicians. Public access is strictly forbidden. All entrances and common areas are monitored 24x7 via closed-circuit cameras.

Will UAppoint affect the security of my existing system in any way?

No. UAppoint works just like your web browser, only making outgoing connections to the UAppoint web site. It never requires your computer to accept an incoming connection, so you don't need to change or compromise the security of your firewall in any way whatsoever.

Does UAppoint work with proxy servers?

Yes. Several of UAppoint's customers are protected by an affiliated hospital's proxy server. The software supports connections to the firewall and does not ever require any administrative changes.

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Why is UAppoint the low-cost option?

UAppoint has developed cutting-edge technology that allows us to offer secure and easy appointment reminder services without the high infrastructure costs of alternatives. As a result of this superior technology, we can offer you the basic service for only $99 per month. Sign up now to test drive UAppoint in your practice for two months for free.

How much does the Premium service cost?

The Premium service is licensed to a dental practice on a per-office location on month-to-month basis. The service costs $199 per month (and $99 per month for each additional doctor in the practice) plus a one-time activation fee of $299. For a limited time, we are offering the Basic service that automatically emails electronic appointment cards and reminders to your patients for only $99 per month. Sign up now to test-drive UAppoint in your practice.

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Does my staff have to go to the UAppoint website to send appointment schedulers?

No. If you subscribe to the scheduling service, patients will automatically be supplied a link they can click on to reschedule their appointments. You can, however, use the UAppoint Administrative Interface to send out schedulers for appointments that have not yet been scheduled.

Are patients able to see each other's appointments in the UAppoint scheduler?

No. UAppoint presents a filtered view of the schedule that excludes all non-relevant information. Beyond just filtering out other patients and procedure names, UAppoint's intelligent scheduler omits times that are available but not suitable for the patient.

Allowing patients to change their appointments online makes it too easy to cancel, doesn't it?

While UAppoint automates the rescheduling process when a conflict arises, patients may never cancel their appointment. If a patient wishes to cancel an appointment, they must contact the office directly, as they would have done absent UAppoint.

Can hackers on the Internet fill my schedule with fake appointments?

No. UAppoint only accepts appointment requests from patients whom you have explicitly invited into your office. In addition to a randomly generated unique key, patients accessing UAppoint must be able to supply bits of personal information. Invited patients can only schedule one appointment each.

Additionally, you retain full power to accept or confirm a request at any time. Even if a hacker were able to request multiple appointments, those requests could easily be rejected by you or your staff.

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Why UAppoint?

Compare UAppoint to other online services.

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